One of the most important changes you can make when it comes to how you feel and move – and even how you look – is to cut back one key ingredient from your diet…

One that has virtually no nutritional value and yet is almost everywhere you look.You might already have guessed what I’m talking about: Added sugar.
I’m not going to candy-coat it: ditching the sugar can be challenging. But with some simple tactics (and some patience) you can go a long way toward cutting down on your sugar intake pretty painlessly.  If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, try these swaps / ideas:

  • Reach for fruit instead of cookies, cakes and other sweet treats. To keep it fun, try new-to-you fruits.
  • Frozen fruit also works really well instead of ice cream (My favorite frozen fruit is Kiwi & Pineapple )
  • Infuse your water with berries and/or cucumber or try unsweetened flavored seltzer water.
  • Brew up some herbal tea that’s been infused with fruit. Drink it warm OR cold!
  • Brush your teeth right after you eat!

After just a few days eating less sugar, take a look in the mirror. Chances are you’ll notice a positive change in your skin, because sugar contributes to wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other issues.
Seriously, you might be surprised at how different you feel once you lower your sugar intake.

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