Proven Blueprint for Fitness Success

With a Personal Coach in Bend



  • We’ll be there for you every step of the way! All you have to do is walk through our front door.
  • Follow your step-by-step plan…we guarantee you’ll see INCREDIBLE results!
  • No more thinking about what to do for your workouts.
  • Show up 3 days a week minimum.
  • Commit yourself to doing your best.
  • We’re 110% invested in our client’s success and once you become a client, we take on your goals as a personal mission!

Personal Trainer in Bend

Bend MMA

3: Results-Driven Workouts

  • Our workouts are PROVEN to get great results
  • HIIT Training (High-Intensity Interval Training) for maximum fat loss and ideal body composition.
  • Metabolism will be increased for up to 24-36 hours compared with just 2-3 hours after a jog or a run.
  • Fun, effective, safe, and gets AMAZING results!
  • Custom App workouts

4: Nutrition Guidelines

  • Nutrition is a HUGE part of getting results!
  • You’ll get a complete meal plan that will show you exactly what and how you need to be eating to maximize your results.
  • Recipes are easy to make and delicious … and the whole family will love them!
  • Proper nutrition will help you gain energy, feel better, and speed up your results!
  • Private community
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1. Ambitions & Milestones

  • Get laser-focused on your objectives and what you want to achieve.
  • Identify WHY your goals are so important to you. What is going to keep you fired up? What would it MEAN to you to achieve your target?
  • Set milestones and break you longer term-goals up into smaller, short-term goals.

2: Step-by-Step Blueprint

  • Based on your ambitions and assessment, we’ll create your step-by-step blueprint for your success!
  • We will provide EVERYTHING you need to reach your goals to get you RESULTS quickly and effectively.

5: Accountability

  • Now you have your goals defined, your workouts, and your nutrition covered, all you need is accountability to keep you on track!
  • We are committed to making sure you stay the course.

6: Create Lasting Change

  • Creating new healthy lifestyle habits to create lifelong change.
  • You’ll have the knowledge and resources to maintain your results for life.
  • You’ll be able to share what you’ve learned and your enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle with the people you care about.
  • You’ll inspire those around you to create change and life a healthier lifestyle!


  • Family isn’t important … it’s everything. Be healthy for them!