Self-Defense Workshops in Bend

We can bring a workshop to your school or civic group.
(Private or small groups of 4)

Smith Martial Arts is founded on the premise that all self-defense arts are good, you just have to adjust them to your unique style.

We focus on the psychological factor of fear and teach you how to overcome fear by developing your fighting ability, your self-confidence, your focus, and your coordination. Victory is not judged by winning a fight, but by winning over your own fears and taking the appropriate actions.

Self-defense training for all ages and interest levels


Students will practice executing simple, reflexive movements that create the most damaging impact on the perpetrator.

  • You’ll learn how to talk your way through a dangerous situation
  • You’ll get a heightened awareness of your own strength
  • You’ll learn how to defend yourself and fend off an attacker
  • You’ll learn awareness and assertiveness
  • You’ll gain self-confidence and feel more in control

Here are some of the topics the self-defense workshop covers:

  • Surprise Attacks: How to convert your body’s fear and auto-reactions into an effective survival response
  • Holding Releases: How to use proven release methods that enable you to escape from someone’s grip, no matter their size
  • Redirecting Energy: How to turn the attacker’s own energy against the attacker rather than fighting against it

Each person possesses different natural abilities. Moreover, size and strength will vary from person to person. Our program is individualized to match your physical capabilities and size in order to maximize your self-defense skills.

A No-Nonsense Approach to Self-Defense Training

Attend a session to get first-hand experience and confidence to defend yourself and your loved ones.

This workshop consists of verbal distraction, stand-up skills, ground skills (rape prevention), and using items in your normal environment as a defense weapon if needed.

Learn simple ways to get away in three moves or less.

Understand the emotional responses you will encounter = Fight, Flight & Freeze and how to overcome them.

These are real-life street tactics and strategies that have martial arts in them.  Self-defense should be so simple that it works for a diversity of ages and abilities.  So many people put their lives in the hands of equipment defenses only to find out there is a malfunction.  This skill set will last a lifetime.

Prices vary

One of the major flaws found in most self-defense courses is a total absence of realism. Good street fighters are effective because they possess the experience necessary to stay calm in an actual encounter. Our practice utilizes proven techniques, tactics, and strategies to immediately stun or immobilize an attacker and enable you to escape from a threatening situation.

Students in most self-defense courses learn their skills in totally non-threatening, non-realistic situations. So, when the real thing arises, it is not surprising that most people freeze up and get taken advantage of. Spontaneity in training is essential so that your body and mind train themselves to react automatically.