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“I joined at the recommendation of my physical therapist, I’m amazed at how the pain has reduced and how much stronger I am. I’m able to enjoy activities again that I hadn’t been able to in a long time.”

Bend MMA

“I had been in martial arts before and it wasn’t very practical. I wanted to continue to develop my skills in a real-world style. At 66 years old, I am in the best shape of my life.”

Bend MMA

“Working with Jimmy gives you confidence in your ability to handle a potential dangerous situation and to be aware of your environment. It’s a great welcoming friendly learning environment.”

Bend MMA

“I returned to Smith Performance’s 12-week challenge because the program really offers a lot that other gyms don’t! The encouragement, training, and easy to follow food plan made it achievable.”

Smith Fitness & Martial Arts Online

Fitness, Martial Arts & Self-Defense Training for the Entire Family

Smith Fitness and Martial Arts (Bend, Oregon) serves all of Central Oregon and Online with personalized training by appointment, helping you get in shape, stay in shape, and hone the skills necessary for self-defense and self-confidence.


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