Kickboxing Classes in Bend

Coach Smith always aims for effect. You may end up “looking good,” but our fitness classes aren’t for show… they’re for getting your body in shape and keeping it in shape. That’s something that goes deeper than looks. Come try one of our fitness classes. You’ll see why we’re known as the gym where people go to get fit AND stay fit! Coach Jimmy Smith’s unique approach to fitness is integral to all classes and training at Smith Martial Arts.


This is fun fitness based and also real martial arts attributes will get your heart pumping, help you get fit/stronger, get an amazing workout, plus is a huge STRESS reducer. Our 50-minute class has burned up to 947 calories.

Class is Mon/Tue/Wed/Thr at 5:30pm 

Get Started with Kickboxing

Your starer package will include your Boxing Gloves, a SMA tee, and a 45-minute personal introductory lesson before you jump into a group lesson.